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Fire the Marketing Team, Buy Technology

And here I’ve wasted decades learning the techniques and strategic approaches that work for my clients, and all they had to do was buy the right technology.

Don’t believe me? Navigate to this link and click on system overview on the lower right hand side of the page. You’ll be treated to a streaming presentation that explains why all those campaigns fail. According to the presentation, all that wasted money on advertising creative, positioning and messaging can be avoided simply by buying the Digital Marketing Center. You see good marketing isn’t about great messages, good creative or solid branding. The solution is technology. (That’s a direct quote by the way.)
Gee, I wish I’d known that sooner! What am I going to do with the rest of my career?
Any time a technology vendor sits in your office and tells you that any problem can be solved with technology – please, do yourself a favour and show them the door. It can’t.
Yes good technology helps. And for all I know, this piece of technology could be fantastic. But let’s be honest about what we’re selling – you don’t sell a pencil by telling an editor he won’t need writers any more if he buys it. He may buy the pencil, but he’s going to be mighty pissed off when deadline day comes and the pencil hasn’t written a single word.
A bad campaign is a bad campaign is a bad campaign. And knowing exactly where all your bad creative is stored isn’t going to change the fact that it’s bad creative. To be competitive in today’s marketing ecosystem, you need good technology. But you also need brilliant creative minds willing to step up to the plate and exercise the world’s oldest and most robust computing systems – their brains. And no technology I’ve ever seen has come close to matching the awesome computing power and speed of the human brain!

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  1. June Macdonald
    June Macdonald June 21, 2005

    Here here!
    Though a good software app can guide a user through the steps they should be taking and help fill in gaps… it doesn’t replace the human and the ability to creatively and responsively address your customers’ needs.
    We all may appreciate machines for conducting basic transactions, but I wouldn’t want to be talking to one. “Fries with that.. fries with that fries with that…?”

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