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Five Days to Increase Your Newsletter Subscriptions – Day 2

Today we continue to increase our newsletter subscriptions by looking at the subscribe box. Are you even using a box?
Day 2: The Subscribe Box
Here are the 5 things your subscribe box should contain:
* Call to sign up — Free Newsletter, Free Tips, Latest Updates, Email Offers, etc… Try testing to see what works best.

* A box to input the email address. Not all email apps will support this without some customization, but I like to equate this to offline forms that include a telephone graphic next to the toll-free number: graphical cues to the user to enter their information (otherwise known as “Don’t Make Me Think“). A bonus is that a box for email makes it look like your subscription process is extremely quick and simple.
* Privacy Promise link. See Day 1 for more information.
* Sample newsletter link to let subscribers know what they are getting.
* Subscribe button. But don’t just use the word “Subscribe” – test what works best for your business and email communications.
Here are some examples, spot the ones missing something:
* (scroll down)
* GrokDotCom
And finally, what do you think of the Alertbox signup?
Tomorrow we look at where and how to promote your newsletter subscriptions.

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