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Hotmail Demands Sender ID

MSN Hotmail
As of this morning, “Hotmail”: users will receive a security warning when they try to open commercial emails that are not associated with a Microsoft Sender ID. Microsoft has also advised senders that it will begin delivering unauthenticated emails to the junk folder around November of this year.

Because Sender-ID authenticates the “from” address of your email messages, email marketers need to take steps to insure the authentication of their domains and those of their clients happens properly.
Your Sender-ID record must be published in DNS records of type TXT under your domain and must include any authorized third party sources you use to deploy email using your own domain name.
Similar UI and Filter changes are also being included in the upcoming service packs for Outlook 2003 and the Exchange mail server.
For more information on Sender-ID and how to set it up, please visit Microsoft’s Site.