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Rick Mercer – Master of Buzz

Rick Mercer “blogs”: How cool is that?
His “hello world”: post Monday morning showed he intended to hit the ground running,
And by Tuesday afternoon he already had my undying respect as a master of buzz.
Check out “Jason Kenney: Marxist Leninist.”: wherein Mercer explains:

bq.. Anyway while the speaker was admonishing Jason for such unparliamentarily language as “ignorant” I started thinking “What are the chances that Jason Kenney is so stunned that he would call another MP ignorant for not having registered his domain name when he hasn’t bothered to register his own?”
Not a chance, I figured. I am not that lucky.
Turns out the chances were pretty good. Before he sat his arse down in his seat I was the proud owner of “”:
As you can see by clicking the link, “”: drives web surfers to the Marxist Leninist party of Canada. I wanted something that screamed Jason.
I should say, though, I am open to suggestions. If you think it would be more appropriate that points to hot lesbian sex, by all means drop me a line. Or maybe you have a website that needs the conservative traffic generated by this bright thinker. Just email me and tell me where should go.
p. Of course Mercer “isn’t new to online pranks”: now is he?
(“Oh”:, “by”: “the”: “way”:, “I’m”: “not”: “the”: “first”: “person”: “who’s”: “noticed”: “he’s”: “blogging”:

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