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Links for June 28, 2005

Here are your pre-filtered online marketing links for June 28, 2005
* “Shopping Canada Online”:
* “Alertbox – Usability: Empiricism or Ideology?”:
* “PaidContent – It’s Official: Google Video Player Launches But Still Very Beta”:
* “PaidContent – Loss for Grokster – Not P2P”:
* “Dan Gilmor – Not a Good Day for Innovation, Customer Rights and Free Speech”:
* “Om Malik – Grokster Decision, Gross Over Reaction”:
* “Card Communications – Simple Segmentation. Serious Result”:
* “Silicon Beat – Behold, the new Yahoo Mail”:
* “Michael Geist – Canada-U.S.-Mexico Plan Raises IP, Spam and Privacy Issues”:
* “WebPro News – Apple Mainstreams Podcasts”:
* “MarketingProfs – Are White Papers Just for Technical Marketers?”:

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