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CIRA Seeks Input On Governance

“CIRA”: just sent an e-mail to all .ca site administrators seeking input on CIRA governance:
bq.. CIRA is seeking Member and public input on proposed reforms to its corporate governance framework.
You are invited to participate in the public consultation by visiting “”: and completing the Response Form, with any additional comments, by September 9, 2005.
The proposed changes flow from the Strategic Plan adopted in 2004, for the 2005 to 2008 period. Under the theme of Efficiency and Effectiveness, one of the objectives is to “ensure fair and sound practices are embedded across the organization, its operating groups and committees, including appropriate balance of representation on the Board of Directors.”
Through candidate Question and Answer Forums and other venues, Board Members, CIRA Members, and other interested parties have expressed concerns about the Board elections’ overall integrity and accountability to CIRA Members while fulfilling corporate objectives supporting broad national representation of Canada’s Internet community. Accordingly, the proposed corporate governance reforms would allow for more diverse representation, more accountable governance and opportunities for greater involvement by Members.
Taking into consideration the results of the public consultation, CIRA will present amendments to its By-law No. 1 at a special Members’ meeting to be held in November 2005. If approved by the Members at that meeting, the changes would be in place for the 2006 election.