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Strip For The Gap

“Jeff Job” just sent me word of a new viral from “the Gap”: called “watchmechange”: Well new to me. The first mention of this site seems to be about a week ago “according to Technorati”: but it looks like it’s starting to pick up steam.
Of course you have to look sharp to _see_ that it is from the GAP as their logo only appears briefly as the game loads and again in the “forward to a friend” e-mail you’re buds will receive so they can “watch you change”:

My guess is 90% of people create their dream-date rather than making their own avatar.
I’m not sure about this one. It seems to be pretty viral and is technically clever, but you don’t get any true sense of what the clothes will look like on you. And I’m still not sure why the brand has to be so buried.
“Try it out”: then come back and tell us whether you’ll buy your back-to-school gear at the Gap.