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Big Fish – The Story Of Suck

Remember “Suck”: ?
Even if you weren’t around at the turn of the century to witness Suck in all its real-time glory, you really need to head over to “Keep Going”: and print off a copy of “Big Fish – The Story of Suck”: as your long weekend read.
What Anuff and Steadman (et al.) did was brilliant and this very lengthy article (16 full printed pages) gives reflections from many of those involved. Suck was an amazing pre-cursor to the modern blog and the back-story is almost as interesting as their output.
Reading Jason Calacanis’ “Walden 3”: post made me think of the thrill of working at Suck and the (apparent) thrill of working for “Weblogs Inc.”: Hopefully Jason can do a better job of watching the money than the sucksters did!