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Month: July 2005

IM is in say American teens

Email is a great tool to use when you want to target specific individuals with relevant information. But how does it work with teens?
According to a recent Pew Internet & American Life Project report, U.S. teens prefer instant messaging (IM) over email for everyday “conversations”. They also believe email is more for communicating with adults. And it seems more girls than boys are using IM. Does this mean email is not an option for reaching teens?
Luckily the report indicates that teens still think email is best to use for longer and more complex messages. And if you want to build on brand visuals email is the way to go.
Here are some highlights from the “Teens and Technology” report, covering a November 2004 survey of 1,100 U.S. youth between the ages of 12 and 17, plus their parents:

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Five Questions For Derek Szeto – Founder, RedFlagDeals

_Launched in 2000, “”: uses the power of community to alert bargain-hunting consumers to Canadian retailing deals. Headed up by Derek Szeto, a recent university graduate, the site currently boasts over 800,000 unique visitors and over 12 million page views every month._
*One Degree: How does RedFlagDeals make money?*
RedFlagDeals’ (RFD) has two primary sources of revenue: traditional graphical/text advertising and commission sales. The key in terms of generating revenue is really volume. Now that we’ve proven our ability to drive traffic and conversions a lot of retailers are approaching us and we can put together some RFD exclusive packages that gives back to the community, drives sales for the retailers, and allows us to generate a bit more revenue.
*One Degree: How much of your revenue comes from affiliate programs over more traditional display ads?*

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Strip For The Gap

“Jeff Job” just sent me word of a new viral from “the Gap”: called “watchmechange”: Well new to me. The first mention of this site seems to be about a week ago “according to Technorati”: but it looks like it’s starting to pick up steam.
Of course you have to look sharp to _see_ that it is from the GAP as their logo only appears briefly as the game loads and again in the “forward to a friend” e-mail you’re buds will receive so they can “watch you change”:

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