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Five Questions For Howard Firestone, VP Marketing – iPerceptions

_Howard Firestone is Vice President of Marketing and Communications for “iPerceptions Inc.”: whose predictive intelligence technology, processes and methodology were developed by combining the expertise of behavioral psychologists, technologists and biostatisticians. He is responsible for all marketing and public relations initiatives for the company in North America and the UK. Prior to joining iPerceptions, Howard was Senior Director of Marketing Communications at “My Virtual Model Inc”:, an Internet start-up in the online retail apparel sector. Howard has over seven years of hands-on Internet marketing, advertising and publishing experience._
*One Degree: Can you explain what iPerceptions means by “attitudinal analytic solutions”?*
When we speak of an attitudinal analytics solution we are referring to a process and methodology that allows marketers to map their customer’s experience (online or offline) to a perceptual framework to get inside their hearts and minds in the context of their actual web site or store experience. This provides our clients with a clear and distinct picture of the issues that matter most to their customers. We then apply proprietary algorithms to the data to learn what key attributes marketers should be focusing on to increase their customer’s overall level of satisfaction.
*One Degree: How does this fit in with log or tag-based site analysis?*

Log or tag based analysis or for that matter any behavioural analysis essentially “watches” what a web site visitor is doing. It tracks for example, where someone entered the site, how long they spent on the site, what pages they visited, and where they exited the site. This type of analysis is extremely valuable but it does have its limitations and that is where we see attitudinal analytics as the perfect complement. Attitudinal analytics “listens”. Behavioural tracking tells you “what” a visitor has done at a site – attitudinal analytics help explain “why” they have acted so. Attitudinal data enhances and provides an invaluable perspective and exponentially increases the value of behavioural analytics as well.
*One Degree: How do clients use the satisfaction data you help them collect – is it generally done in advance of redesigns or as part of ongoing tweaking to existing sites?*
Clients use our data before a site redesign, after a site redesign and on a continuous basis to monitor customer experience and satisfaction. It is also used to monitor marketing campaign initiatives and seasonal browsing differences for example. The data is beneficial beyond just web site redesign because it can be collected and analyzed as a snapshot in time once or twice a year, quarterly, or on a continuous basis where clients receive a monthly update report featuring the most significant changes in positive and negative customer feedback, trending data for the day, week, and month and finally a monthly analysis of the site’s key performance indicators.
*One Degree: Are there any particular advantages or disadvantages to being located in Montreal?*
Montreal is a great city! Having moved here six years ago from Toronto, I can say without hesitation, that Montreal is a wonderful place to live and work. It has a skilled and knowledgeable work force and with close proximity to the US, travel is not an issue. We use the latest conferencing technology to facilitate ongoing client contact and with sales offices in New York, Chicago, Toronto and London, we have the key markets covered off.
*One Degree: You have over 25 testimonials from A-list clients on your site. Do you have any idea how important these are in prospective clients’ decision-making process?*
Testimonials and case studies have been critical to our success. We believe letting prospects and existing clients know that we are working with recognized world brands like “Reebok”:, “Holiday Inn”:, “Nasdaq”:, “DaimlerChrysler”:, “Volvo”:, “Wells Fargo Bank”:, “Pfizer”:, “L’Oreal”:, “Bombardier”: and many more gives them a sense of assurance that they are in good company and working with people who have a trusted track record and can deliver. Many prospects ask for references and we do not hesitate to give them the names and contact info of our existing clients. They are our best evangelists.

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