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What Is Buddytown?

What’s “buddytown”: ?

Well, their “home page”: won’t help much, but “this metafilter post”: provides some interesting (if stereotypically mefi in-yer-face) theories and backdoor links to see a bit of it.
I’ve always found the idea of a “go away” home page appealed to my darker, less “carrots for everyone” side but you don’t see it carried out too often (although Google’s Gmail and Orkut seem to have started a trend of using “I’m in with the in-crowd” as the viral hook).
By the way, doesn’t Buddytown “Plumber” (and domain owner) “Michael Madrid”: look a lot like “this photo”: in “Entrauge’s”: “Flickr Set”: – and doesn’t “Buddytown’s Alderman”: look a lot like “this Daniel Box”: ? A lot of work if it’s fake don’t you think?
So what is Buddytown? Michael? Daniel? What are you guys doing down there in Nashville?


  1. Daniel Box
    Daniel Box August 10, 2005

    buddytown is the best thing since best things!

  2. Michael Madrid
    Michael Madrid August 10, 2005

    Buddytown is where everyone gets down. Now if I may ask you a question. Would you rather be a truck driver for 30 years or go to jail for 10?

  3. Daniel Fowler
    Daniel Fowler November 15, 2006

    Well that would depend on what you do after those 30 or 10 years, Michael.

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