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Canadian Internet Usage Up, Other Media Down

Ipsos Reid has released a number of updated statistics and reports over the past week. The biggest news is that net usage has eclipsed even TV amongst young adults. Plus a report on use of blogs and whether we trust them.
Internet usage: Ipsos-Reid reports Canadian usage of the ‘net is up to an average of 12.7 hours a week, compared to three years ago at 8.7 hours in 2002. It comes at the expense of radio (11 hours), but TV (at 14.3 hours) is not faring so well either.

Internet surpasses TV amongst young adults: While TV retains the number one spot amongst all consumers, amongst 18-34 year olds the net comes in number one, reported the Globe and Mail this week:
bq. Among 18- to 34-year-olds, the Internet has become the most favoured medium, with the average on-line individual spending 14.7 hours a week connected, compared with 11.7 hours listening to radio, 11.6 hours watching TV and just 2.5 hours reading newspapers.

Blog Influence: Approximately 42% of Canadians have read a blog, and just over half believe they have influence over public opinion and mainstream media. But only about half trust blogs as a reliable news source.

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