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CMO Magazine on E-mail Marketing

Looking for some light reading for the weekend? I suggest you check out “CMO Magazine’s E-mail Marketing Special Report”:
And as an added bonus, here is their take on “RSS Advertising”:

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  1. Mitch Solway
    Mitch Solway August 19, 2005

    Just picking up on the customizing email marketing article referenced above – but a different take and challenge than the one addressed in the article.
    If you spent any time with industrial sales driven organizations as a marketer you are probably no stranger to the continual complaints from “Sales” that “Marketing” doesn’t really do anything.
    I recently spent some time with one of these companies and introduced an e-mail campaign to not only demonstrate the power of this channel (online marketing is still in its infancy in many industrial sectors) but how a marketing initiative can drive business.
    We did a blast promoting a new product to our entire database…which was only 800 customers..and it was cool cause we had never sent out anything before.
    But what we did was dynamically link the name and telephone number of the specific sales rep for each account to the e-mail. Now this wasn’t a trick…we told them we were going to do it.
    Within 24 hrs we got a 47% response to the email (they had to click through to our website to see our online commercial).
    And sure enough our sales managers got bombarded with calls from their accounts wanting to find out more (which of course resulted in us getting flooded with calls from our reps who never read the sales training materials on our new product!).
    So not only was the program a huge success but the impact the marketing group made was very obvious to the sales organization.
    If nothing else it is something you can use to demonstrate or qualify this type of program within organizations that generally don’t support non-traditional marketing…or just to have some fun with your sales team!

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