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Top Email Marketing Trends

I recently helped a client find a new email service provider. They were looking for a technology platform that could provide them with leading deliverability and one that could help them drive highly relevant communications. Together we chose ExactTarget, Indianapolis, IN.
Recently ExactTarget released their updated Top Industry Trends.
Here’s their #1 trend:

bq. Relevance is King. The number one email trend for 2005 continues to be relevance, defined as delivering messages that contain specific value to an individual subscriber. “For too long marketers have been focused on marketing as a campaign,” says “Chris Baggott”:, chief marketing officer and co-founder of ExactTarget. “Customers no longer accept that. The value is in the individual and in driving lifetime customer value.
You can check out all the trends by reading the ExactTarget press release.
What other email marketing trends are you seeing? Email me or post a comment below.