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The End of Lazy Days Of Summer?

Used to be you could count on some things, like a slow summer followed by a busy fall. But the last two years have been different. Business slows for summer later – and ramps up for fall a little sooner. If the trend continues, 2006 may not see a summer lull at all. The realization got me wondering. Are our clients unusual or is this a new way of being?

I decided to conduct an informal research project – I polled my own inbox. Almost without exception, every list I subscribe to has maintained or increased frequency on all types of emails throughout the summer. What’s changed?
We take holidays – and check in with the company via email from the hotel business center. We use web mail to check email over the weekend, “just in case”. We have lunch with a friend, and every five minutes the Blackberry buzzes letting us know there’s another important communication from the office. We are, literally, never out of touch. It’s an email marketer’s dream – the always on, always accessible customer.
And that means we don’t have to slow down for summer.

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