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Month: August 2005

Saw The Viral, Bought The T-shirt

There is a class of viral campaign that uses personalized badges or buttons on people’s sites to drive traffic (do we have names for different classes of virals yet?). One such campaign is “The Cyborg Name Generator”: created by the endlessly fascinating “Lore Sj√∂berg”:
The name generator site is incredibly simple. You enter a name, pick a cyborg body, and the site spits back a funny “Cyborg Name” for you.
Of course the first thing a new class of blog-happy youth want to do is share their cyborg name with friends, so Lore provides them with the code to add the image and a link back to the generator so they can add it to their blog/site.
This in itself is a great example of getting something to go viral by *making it about the individual* spreading the message and personally I think these will be the most effective campaigns in the long-term. (See Wedding Crashers’ “Trailer Crashers”: for another popular example).
But that’s not my main reason for pointing out Lore’s site.
There are two interesting things we can learn from Cyborg Name Generator…


The End of Lazy Days Of Summer?

Used to be you could count on some things, like a slow summer followed by a busy fall. But the last two years have been different. Business slows for summer later – and ramps up for fall a little sooner. If the trend continues, 2006 may not see a summer lull at all. The realization got me wondering. Are our clients unusual or is this a new way of being?

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