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Month: September 2005

Display Ads and a Campaign TKO

The race between online display advertising and paid search ads to acquire ad dollars (and advertiser attention) is heating up. “A new report”: from JupiterResearch is predicting that paid search revenues will “outpace” display advertising by 2010.
With its pay-for-performance model and reliability where delivering a positive return on investment is concerned, we all knew search engine advertising was going to be huge. There’s some concern, however, that advertisers are relying too heavily on their paid search campaigns. The pay-per-search industry (as it was once known) got its start supporting display campaigns, after all; if banner placements were the jabs thrown at a fellow boxer for show, then the paid search placements were the uppercut that ensured a knockout performance. Increasingly, though, advertisers are forgoing display ads, choosing instead to rely almost entirely on the more dependable search variety. Is this a wise decision?

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Search Optimize Viral Campaigns

Does search engine optimization matter when you are doing a viral marketing or teaser ad campaign? Absolutely! One Degree and the “Uncle Yaris” TV ads give us a textbook example.
Because “I wrote about”: a few days ago, we’re getting a ton of search traffic right now on the terms _Uncle Yaris_ and _Yaris.ca_
I find it truly ironic that I wrote “they’re from Toyota as a simple Google search will tell you” and now that page itself is the top result:
Google will redirect you to the site if you search on, but Yahoo shows this:
And MSN puts One Degree at the top of an Uncle Yaris search as well:

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