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ThinData Gets Press For Doing Right Thing

If you read the Globe article “mentioned in my last post”:, you’ll know that “ThinData”: are undoubtably thankful that they’ve been treating Aubrey Stork so nicely:
bq.. The Internet merchandising company he worked for in Toronto was shrinking and, as other people left the company, he had to take on their responsibilities. Mr. Stork says he tried to no avail to discuss the burden with his bosses.
“It forced me to look at my long-term goals and I realized I had reached my limit and it was time to look for a new job,” Mr. Stork says.
And he did. Now, four months into his new job as production specialist at ThinData Inc., a website marketing company in Toronto, Mr. Stork says that he loves to go to work every day because he’s getting encouragement from management in the growing firm to expand his horizons and work toward his goal of becoming an account manager.
“I definitely feel more appreciated,” he says.
p. _Reason Number 34 to “do the right thing”: It might get you press in unexpected but pleasurable ways._