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The Million Dollar Home Page

Way too many “virals” (or “Commerically Transmitted Diseases”: as Lore would have it) are looking like “Subservient Chicken”: clones.
Let’s see more stuff like “The Million Dollar Home Page”: please!

# “Alex”: will in fact earn enough money to pay for University.
# He will drop out of school after about two weeks in order to use his newly minted fame and fortune to found a “long tail inspired web 2.0 podcasting start-up full of ajaxian goodness”.
# When that fails he will buy the domain and repeat.


  1. Ken Schafer
    Ken Schafer September 9, 2005

    Those “dollar pages” are so yesterday! 🙂
    Personally I think I would have aimed HIGHER, not lower, but hey.

  2. AG
    AG September 9, 2005 was taken, and trilliondollarhompage….well that’s just downright greedy.

  3. January 5, 2006

    Predictions, eh? 😉
    Well, here we are, a few months later… Alex is only $1000 away now from being a millionaire, but with his eBay auction for those last 1000 pixels he will obviously get way more than that; the auction is already at $38,300, and that with 6 days still left! Amazing & inspiring!
    Rob /

  4. joel mason
    joel mason February 5, 2006

    More spin offs, looks like the six million dollar page is starting to take effect:
    I don’t get it though, seems like there will be a million of these unfinished…

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