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Google Blog Search Now Live

Google Blog Search Home Page
“Google Blog Search”: is now live.
I’m still fiddling around and trying to figure out if a few issues with our posts in Google Blog Search are our problem or Googles. Like why Google thinks “Bill Sweetman”: wrote all our posts for example.

Early feedback (culled mostly by using Google Blog Search on itself) yielded a mixed bag of reactions:
* “Anil Dash”:
* “Problogger Darren Rowse”:
* “Om Malik”:
“Software Only”:
* “Charlene Li at Forrester”:
* “Niall Kennedy”:
* “Eric Rice”:
* “Blog Herald”:
* “Scoble”:
* “David Sifry”:
* “Dave Winer”:
* “Marketing Shift”:
It was weird building that list because the “Google Blog Search search on Google Blog Search”: (read that slowly – it does make sense) kept changing when I went back to it because new posts are being added so quickly. Very unGoogle-like to see that level of dynamics in the results.
Your thoughts? Are you finding it easier to get good stuff on Google Blog Search? One thing is for sure, because of the speed and Google interface, the results *feel like they are more accurate*.