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E-mail Booming Despite Deliverability Headaches

With all my recommendations about deliverability being important, it is equally important to remind marketers that email is still a booming trend.
In July Jay Aber, President of 24/7 Canada, penned an article on the CMA website, If deliverability is such a big issue, why is e-mail booming?, that quotes BBM research indicating email still ranks at the top of the list when it comes to online activities by those aged 18+. We also learn that Canadians prefer communicating via e-mail more than by any other methods.

Maybe the fact that more spam is being caught means people are receiving less unsolicited email and therefore enjoying the “good” email they receive. Doubleclick recently published their latest quarterly email trend report (PDF) (covered in June Macdonald’s recent One Degree post). It indicates open and clickthrough rates have declined. However, click-to-purchase rates, orders per email delivered, and revenue per email were all up!
And you really know email marketing is booming when around half the people in a recent MarketingSherpa report expect to spend more on their email newsletters, plan to increase alerts to their house list and will increase the use of triggered or automated campaigns.
Email is dead. Long live email!

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