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Henderson Bas Wins Nintendo Canada Online Business

Marketing Magazine Daily (requires subscription) reported today that Henderson Bas won Nintendo Canada’s online business in an agency review, a key component being e-newsletter communications to their 175,000 name base.
After a 10-year relationship with Blast Radius, Brand Manager John Azevedo is reported to have said, “it was time for a change.”
The current site is fairly spare and includes some ‘user’ comments like, “”…Nintendogs will be the next big thing since Pokémon! Have you actually read the stuff you can do in this game? Incredible!”” Are these for real? I’m not even a gamer and I’m hoping for their sake HB messes the site up a bit, right now it’s got the appearance of having been cleaned up for company or a realtor’s open house, like real people don’t live there. I’m counting on HB to creatively add a ‘human touch.’