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Global Collaboration at Canadian Portal Igloo

The collaborative features of the web has given birth to a new initiative, the IGLOO. is a new global governance research portal, launched in Canada, going live later this month.
Announced this week by portal host the Centre for International Governance Innnovation, based in Waterloo, the goal of is “to build global connections between people, processes and information to further advance research on many topics of global importance which can be used to stimulate innovative solutions to the economic, financial and social governance challenges facing our world.”

Coverage in yesterday’s ITBusiness, provided further information, quoting project advisor and president of Enterprise File System Inc. Jason Cassidy, “[the goal] is to provide an environment where documents and ideas can be shared across borders through discussions forums and a library of resources. The latter is actually managed by a team of librarians to ensure that content is relevant and organized – unlike, say, a search engine which just returns results based on machine logic.”
The Globe and Mail included some examples of how the portal could be used, “With a $14-million budget over five years, the website — — will air ideas, policies, best practices, treaties, and research papers from countries around the world.
“It will be freely accessible and contain the most up-to-date information on poverty levels in Africa, on women’s rights in Nigeria, on what’s working to help street children in India.
“When a tsunami strikes, a country will be able to post immediately its needs and accessible transportation routes.
“”Timely information is worth gold,” said Tom Jenkins, executive chairman of Open Text , the site’s host, after a news conference Tuesday at the Centre for International Governance Innovation in Waterloo.”
The project sponsor, the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) is an independent international think-tank, and counts as partners and supporters the University of Waterloo, the Ontario government, Open Text Corp. and Research in Motion.
Mmm, given the nature of our posts at One Degree, it’s good to cover some initiatives that will really make an impact on the world.

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