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What Drives You Crazy Makes You Great

Essential Message
Do you know what the “Essential Message” of your business is? Well Michel Neray of “Essential Message”: been helps businesses large and small understand exactly that and he’s giving you a chance to put his concepts into action for your business.
While not directly Internet related I know that lots of One Degree readers are free agents – consultants, coaches, freelancers, and general know-it-alls – and I worry about you folks. Many of you have little or no sense of what sets you apart from a host of others with similar skills.
Can you explain why you are the _right_ e-mail marketer to work on a new campaign? Or the SEO that a big prospect should hire over another? Can you explain why you’re the right person to help companies understand the blogosphere? What sets you apart from other Internet consultants?
If you have a hard time answering those kinds of questions, you might want to check out Michel’s upcoming Essential Message Public Workshop in Toronto on October 25th.
The “What Drives You Crazy Makes You Great!”: workshop should be well worth the $200 it costs to spend the day working through these issues with Michel.
Here’s how Michel puts it:
bq.. It’s easy to ask the question, ‘what makes you different?’ but how easy is it for you to come up with an answer that truly sets you apart? In this workshop we’ll help you slip into the back door of your brain where you’ll find things out about yourself that you never knew were so powerful and compelling.
If you’ve gone to other marketing or branding workshops and you still end up with stuff that sounds like it was written by a junior copywriter, it’s because you’ve been missing the most differentiating aspect of your business — you!
p. “You can get details and register for this workshop now.”: