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FedEx Looks For WOM At

The new campaign from FedEx takes a subtle approach, but is it too subtle?
Supporting the TV spots is a new site,, featuring a fictitious shipping company that has figured out a way to make sure packages get there on time: “We have Day Ahead and now ‘Week Ahead’. If things get really bad, we’re ready to launch ‘Month Ahead’.” [Video of the commercial is on the site.]

Marketing Magazine quotes Jack Neary, BBDO’s chief creative officer on the deliberately soft approach, “The subject matter has to be sufficiently interesting to them and not appear to be overly commercial.”
The site does include a one page of comparison with FedEx and the fictitious with only a small line and link to FedEx at the bottom of the page.
I’m still wondering if it’s too subtle, but I like it and spent time on the site reading (post-Thanksgiving brain warmup), and had not really thought of FedEx ground, but yes, they don’t need to send it all overnight. Oh, does that mean it’s working?