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  1. Mitch Joel
    Mitch Joel October 13, 2005

    Hey Ken,
    I’ve done this countless times over the past few years. The easiest way, for me, has been to start a new Blog with Blogger and just walk them through the steps.
    After that, I talk more about the other types of system that need design and some programming for real resonance. I let them know that the customized system is really the direction to go and that by doing the Blogger demo, it’s just easy to see how the system (kind of) works.
    The other way, I do a new post on my Twist Image Blog and just set it to Future Publish (I delete it later in the evening) or I prepare my daily post and actually post it in the session.
    Best of luck!

  2. Kate
    Kate October 13, 2005

    For a workshop that I ran for our PR and Corp Communications group here at Petro-Canada, I used a three-prong approach to explain blogs:
    1. A basic overview of the “structure” of a blog (e.g. reverse chronological short-posts, multiple-type archives, category groupings, etc). A common question that I cover is the difference between a blog and a website.
    2. I then showed them some “real world” examples (generally professional examples) to show how it is a cross-industry tool. Examples I use are GM’s Fast Lane Blog (, Chocolate and Zucchini (, and Jupiter Analysts blogs (
    3. Finally, I did a posting demo on one of our workgroup blogs (similar to what both you and Mitch have described). Popular questions were around multiple categories and future-publishing.
    As an added bonus, I drew the link between the blog and the RSS feed. This was generally a little harder for them to grasp, but they definitely saw the benefit of a feed of blog topics.

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