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What Matters And How Do You Measure It?

Over the past few years, we marketers have been diligently analyzing consumer data in order to propel both our own businesses and our clients’ businesses. This obsession with measurement has led some to accurately calculate the effectiveness of their marketing spend. However, it has left even more struggling to understand the vast amounts of data they have collected.
The current prevailing thought is that brand advertising will evolve into a left-brain marketing strategy. To support this approach, the mantra adopted by most is to develop “relationship management” programs through the analysis and insights provided by the data – a very left-brained pursuit being driven by a right-brained agency worldview.

This focus on left-brain marketing draws attention to the need to centralize customer data, make customer analysis the heart of the organization, use analytical insights as the starting point to formulate marketing strategy, and finally, execute the strategy in a coordinated fashion, across product lines, divisions, and channels.
So, how are we doing? What are the successes and challenges facing marketing organizations and what are they doing to make sense of their mounds of data? What is the state of marketing measurement and where do we go from here?
These questions and many others are what I hope will be provided at the upcoming “Digital Marketing Conference”: in Toronto on October 20th.
I’ll be at the conference moderating the “Conversion & Measurement Roundtable”: Senior marketers will tackle these and other issues to provide conference attendees with answers and learning based on industry experience.
I hope to see you all there.