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Great Day at the CMA Digital Marketing Conference

We all had a great day yesterday at the CMA Digital Marketing Conference. Some of the highlights of a very packed day were discussions of Personas, Web 2.0, brain scans, personality and blogging… and of course Ken let out a bombshell saying he wasn’t interested in email anymore… huh? Here are a few of my favourite moments with more detail to come:
Brent Lowe-Bernie of comScore Media Metrix started with a cartoon that perfectly summed up how we need to be thinking from the customer viewpoint now they are in control: a dog with a newspaper in its mouth and the owner says, “have you considered I do not want the paper?” Brent followed with a ream of current stats and the Dove case study, part of CMOST, more of which I’ll cover after the event next week in Toronto.
Bryan Eisenberg very succinctly explained in his presentation on converting site visitors, “for you to achieve your goals, your visitor must achieve theirs first.”
Daniel Pink was asked about how he came to examine his brain and replied that he had volunteered for a medical study on schizophrenia – “I was in the control group!” he reassured us. Then went on to share several stories about the mainstreaming of the search for meaning, where even his home state of Ohio, “the hotbed of social rest” has succumbed to laughing yoga classes and candle stores.
And in the final presentation of the day from Andy Nulman of Airborne, we learned about the Mexican nut dance.
I’ll post more when I’ve finished deciphering my shorthand…

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  1. Mitch Joel
    Mitch Joel October 22, 2005

    Hi June,
    What a great post. I totally agree, there was a lot to digest and I’m also fighting through my thumb-texted notes from my Blackberry.
    I posted some thoughts about the event at my Blog here: 2005 Digital Marketing Conference – It’s All About You –
    I hope to see you all soon.

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