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Two Clicks Too Many

Who in this day of enlightened internet marketing sends people to their website home page when they click on an ad?? Case in point, last week’s IAB/Marketing Magazine event, Interactive to the Max, shouted loud and clear over and over, that the consumer is in control. Well someone wasn’t listening this morning.
I’ll have more coming up on the event itself, but I was happily distracted from work this morning by an ad on the Globe and Mail site for OCAD‘s upcoming art auction fundraiser.
So I clicked.

Should I link you directly to the event info? I think not, ’cause they didn’t.
I like art, and the Whodunnit? event has always sounded like fun – so I clicked on the ad. It took me to the home page. I had to look around for a Whodunnit link which then goes to a postcard page that makes me click again to find out any information about the event. And then they don’t even make it easy to read!
As if I wasn’t grumpy enough with a cough/cold strain that doesn’t want to go away…
Now I’m really annoyed. Which leads me to another annoyed person making a similar point, Jakob Nielsen’s latest Alertbox, aptly titled “Incompetent Email Marketing = Lost Opportunities“, talks about those annoying airline fare ads that include a pile of discount flights that I can’t take because they don’t originate from my city!! Why send me that crap? Can’t you take a wee bit more time to demonstrate some level of customer awareness to customize my email?
Am I just grumpy? Or is anyone else out there sick of too many clicks that show a lack of foresight and care?


  1. rebel
    rebel October 31, 2005

    June, I could not agree with you more, and the lazy, careless organizations should be told what they are doing wrong and how to improve.

  2. Barry Welford
    Barry Welford October 31, 2005

    Well that’s a possibility, rebel. However who would you tell and would they listen. Why not blog about it and tell anyone who’ll listen about these fatuities. As they say bad news travels much faster than good news. Then go buy from the opposition and make sure you tell them that one of the reasons you bought was because the competition was so dunder-headed.

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