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Where's the ad index?

I was browsing on MochaSofa today (prompted from an email of course!), and caught a glimpse of a contest I really would like to enter — but too late! I’d already clicked to get to another page. Try as I might, refresh would not bring that ad back!
Why do the majority of sites not have the online equivalent of the advertiser index?

So I went searching. A few of the sites with an online advertiser index include: NetworkWorld,, the Agronomy Journal, and Electronic Design even has an online version of the Business Reply card for more info. But do advertiser-reliant Maclean’s, Vogue, or Rolling Stone have an advertiser index? Nope.
One solution for consumers may be to wait for fetch, but for advertiser-dependant publications seems it would make sense to tie in an ad-server generated index, yes? Or is this the crazed ramblings of a DMer?