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Recommended: Domain Name Research Tools

As someone with more than a fleeting interest in domain names, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite domain name research tools with you.

DomainSurfer is a super-speedy domain name search engine that allows you to quickly conduct wild-card searches of domain names. You can quickly find out how many other domain names feature or begin with a word (or word combination) that is of interest to you. For instance, did you know there are 45,583 .com domain names featuring the word “Canada”? Take off, eh!
NameBoy is a very useful tool to turn to when you’re stuck in the process of coming up with a new (and available) domain name. This domain search tool’s greatest strength is its ability to suggest alternative domain names for you to consider and indicate their availability. This is an invaluable resource when you’ve hit a mental roadblock.
NameProtect Free Trademark Search
Curious to know if that great name you’ve come up with has already been trademarked? This is a quick way to do a preliminary (and free) search for US and Canadian trademarks – and help keep the lawyers at bay. Did I mention it’s free? ;+)