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Great Rich Media Showcases?

I’ll be speaking to “my class”: about Online Advertising tonight and we’ll be touching on Rich Media ad formats. I was going to show them my standard examples but I thought I’d ask for a little input from you folks.
Do you have any sites or vendor showcases that do a good job of showing the possibilities of rich media ads? I’m thinking specifically of IAB standard rich media stuff – not cool Flash sites and the like.
What do you point people to when they want to see great rich media ads?


  1. jonlax
    jonlax November 23, 2005

    Ken – When you say “rich media” what do you mean? A few years ago rich media just refered to an ad authored in Flash. Do you mean ads where a meaningful interaction occurs in the banner? If so, I can point you to something we designed with Modem Media a year or so ago for Henieken USA.
    Ask me at Barcamp and I can show you some more.

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