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Torcamp Rocks In TO

A few torcamp attendees
This weekend saw the first of what will likely be more “unevents” for the Internet community in Toronto. “Torcamp”: “instigated”: by “David Crow”: started Friday evening at the Social Bar and continued on for a full day at the offices of “Teehan+Lax”: who were nice enough to host the free-form eye-opener.
The “Torcamp Wiki”: is being updated with information on Torcamp and possible future events. You can see the “Flickr Torcamp Tags”: to get a small sense of what it was like but you really had to be there to understand the openness, sharing, and general energy present in the room(s).
Two of the more thorough write-ups are by:

* “Kate Trgovac”: (who did a readthrough of her play “The Meeting”: during lunch)
* “Alec Saunders”:
The instigator and hosts were:
* “David Crow”:
* “Jon Lax”:
* “Jeff Teehan”:
Some of those attending included (I’ve linked to Torcamp posts where I found them):
* “Albert Lai”:
* “John Lam”:
* “Rob Hyndman”:
* “Michael McDerment”:
* “Randy Charles Morin”:
* “Craig Saila”:
* “Deborah Hartmann”:
* “Reg Braithwaite”:
* “Sacha Chua”:
* “Leila Boujnane”: and Paul Bloore from “Idee”:
* “Daniel Burka”:
* “David Janes”:
* “Mike Beltzner”:
* “Joe Clark”:
* “Patrick Dinnen”:
* “Ryan McKegney”:
* Jay Goldman and Jason Boyer from “Radiant Core”:
* “Michael Glenn”:
* “Mike Shaver”:
* “Richard Sharp”:
* “Jonathan Resnick”:
* “Gil Katz”:
* “Madhava Enros”:
* “Lynda Chiotti”:
You can find more coverage by checking out the Technorati tag.
Also attending but currently linkless were Tristan Campbell, Shannon O’Rourke, Bryce Johnson, Suzanne Long, Mark Kuznicki, Adriana Ieraci and Julio Aguiar.
(Let me know if I missed you or got your name/link wrong!)
This time out, Torcamp was sponsored by “Navantis”:, “Idee”:, “teehan+lax”:, “ObjectSharp Consulting”:, “Hyndman | Law”:, “Big”:, “Bubbleshare”:, “Mozilla Canada”:, “Deborah Hartmann”:, and Brant Street.
_Original photo by “John Lam”: ._