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Tis The Season To Send eCards

iStudio Holiday 2005
Are you starting to get holiday eCards from all your webified clients, customers and buddies?
Every year web agencies go out of their way to send clever ecards and do fancy flash animations to highlight their skills. I expect this year to be the same.
An early entrant on my list of best holiday promos has to be “istudio”:, based in Ottawa and Toronto.
Earlier this week iStudio sent out there holiday greeting, and “they blogged about how this year the task was a different experience for them”:

Here’s a snippet:
bq.. Yesterday (December 7th), we sent out this year’s holiday greeting to clients, colleagues, friends and family. This time around, we did things a little differently than in the past.
As anyone who’s ever done something like this can attest to, it’s difficult – if not downright impossible – to find the time to produce a creative, thoughtful holiday greeting at this time of year. We’ve all become used to December 24th deadlines, year-end, last minute request, and other potentially anti-festive realities.
But this year, something different happened. Sure, all of those deadlines are still in place, but there was a noticeable shift in how this year’s holiday greeting came to life.
p. The post talks mostly about their personal experiences in putting together their greeting, but even without this back-story I found their concept very appealing. In many way, iStudio’s “Holiday Guide – 12 Hot Toddies For The Holidays”: mini-site is reminiscent of Starbuck’s “”: I “mentioned earlier this week”: Both feature great visuals and are updated with new content daily.
I particularly liked that there was real content being presented each day and that they were offering “an RSS feed”: to get reminders when each new days content was posted.
Have you received or seen any particularly clever holiday/end-of-year stuff? Do you plan on sending ecards or creating any custom promotions this year?

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  1. Steve Coppola
    Steve Coppola December 9, 2005

    Ken, thanks for the link and the kind words. We’ve got plenty of other types cool content coming over the next two weeks – hope you enjoy them as well.
    Thanks again, and happy holidays from all of us!

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