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Kate's Top 10 Feeds Of 2005

_This article is by Guest Contributor Kate Trgovac._
For me, 2005 will be remembered as the year my feedreader exploded. There is a lot of great content out there. Of course, great content existed prior to 2005, but this was the year where small content publishers took advantage of RSS to reach niche markets and Main Stream Media seemed to finally buy in. These are the feeds that I never miss:

# “Micropersuasion”: – written by Steve Rubel in New York. Steve covers all aspects of how technology is changing the traditional disciplines of marketing, advertising and PR. He covers blogging, podcasting, viral marketing, marketing, moblogging and other technologies. One of my favourite things is the daily integration of his tags. Steve is a case study of an old-school PR flack totally _getting it_ and embracing new media for his clients. “Get the feed”:
# “”: – written by Pete Blackshaw from Intelliseek. A continued rise of CGM is one of my predictions (hopes) for 2006 and Pete serves as a great guide. He writes about bloggers, vloggers, using CGM in marketing and PR campaigns, measuring CGM, and CGM technology trends. “Get the feed”:
# “BlogPulse Newswire”: – written by the folks at BlogPulse (a collection of blog search, monitoring and trend services from Intelliseek). The Newswire highlights the daily buzz of the blogosphere. Often political and with an American bent, it provides a great daily snapshot of what’s buzzin’. Occasional posts on how to use BlogPulse’s extensive toolset as well. “Get the feed”:
# “Jupiter Analyst Weblogs”: – an aggregated blog of postings by over 20 analysts from Jupiter Research. These folks cover everything: advertising, commerce, marketing, wireless, technology and Microsoft. Sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical posts. The volume can occasionally get overwhelming, but you can also sub to individual categories or analysts. If you’re looking for tidbits to impress your clients or your boss, this is where you’ll get them! “Get the feed”:
# “Info Design”: – compiled by Peter Bogaards, information architect extraordinaire. Info Design pulls together a daily set of posts on user interface design, information graphics, typography, content management, navigation, personas, and usability (among others). This is the feed to sub to if you don’t want to monitor *all* the blogs in this area. Peter is a great editor and posts the best of the best. “Get the feed”:
# “Marketing Sherpa’s Case Studies & Know How”: – published by a team of researchers. Some of the best articles and case studies on advertising, marketing and PR online. Crosses both B2B and B2C arenas. Focused on measurable results. “Get the feed”:
# “The RSS Blog”: – compiled, edited and written by Randy Charles Morin. This is the most technical of the feeds I read. Morin keeps me up to date on everything RSS, from software to new technologies to who’s advertising in RSS feeds. Morin (like Bogaards and InfoDesign above) pulls together the best of the best on RSS. This one will be a bit more work for non-techie marketers but the innovation tidbits that come out of it are worth it. “Get the feed”:
# “Spacing Wire”: – published by the folks from Toronto’s own “Spacing Magazine”: SpacingWire serves as a hub for information about the use of public spaces. They regularly post on urban development topics such as the Toronto waterfront project. They also provide valuable insight to marketers who might want to do some Out-Of-Home or guerrilla marketing. Includes stories from major cities around the world, posts on architecture and psycho-geography, and notices of public events. “Get the feed”:
# “Signal vs Noise”: – written by the team who has created such great tools as “Backpack”: and “Basecamp”: These guys write about design, customer experience, interface, technology, and business. They have a great tone and a great sense of humour. “Get the feed”:
# “One Degree”: – written by a crack team of Canadian marketers. Seriously – it’s great content. Strong variety of marketing topics from CGM to mobile to branding to viral. And it’s Canadian. “Get the feed”:
What feeds made your top ten this year?
_Kate Trgovac is currently Manager, Web Evolution for Petro-Canada. Prior to joining Petro-Canada, Kate spent eight years developing user experience strategies for clients at several interactive agencies in Toronto. She writes about technology, branding, user-experience and other topics of note on her blog “”: ._

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