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NMBA iLunch Features Mobile Game Case Study

Jewel Quest Image
Good to see that the “New Media Business Alliance”: (NMBA) is kicking off their “iLunch series”: this month here in Toronto on Friday January 20th.
Here are details:
bq.. *iLunch 4.02 – Games People Pay (For)*
“Interactive games come in many forms on many platforms: console, PC, downloadable, serious, mobile, iTV… Just to name a few. We all know that a console game takes millions of dollars of risk capital to create but what of the smaller categories? Are consumers willing to shell out for access to downloadable for both PC or mobile phones in significant numbers? Are publishers and distributors shelling out an adequate share of revenues to make it a viable business?”
p. The lunch will be at the Original Motorcycle Cafe & Lounge. The panel includes Damir Slogar from “Big Blue Bubble”:, Warren Currell of “Sherpa Games”: and Jennifer Crisanti of “Splashworks”:
Fans of Fox Televisions “24” may know that Big Blue Bubble is the maker of mobile games for 24. This lunch features a case study of their huge hit “Jewel Quest”: