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Adtech Impact Coming To Toronto

Adtech Impact Logo
I’m not sure how I missed this, but popular online marketing event “ad:tech”: is bringing their killer one-day “ad:tech Impact”: event to Toronto on March 23rd.
The speaker roster is pretty much entirely US imports (other than Jerry Tarasofsky, Howard Firestone and Daniel Taras of “iPerception”:, but that is also an advantage as we’ll get to hear some speakers that don’t normally venture this far north.
Those scheduled (assuming they’re not planning a “made in Canada” agenda for T.O.) include (hold your breath the list is LONG):

* Jim Sterne, Founder, Target Marketing
* Fredrick Marckini, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, iProspect
* Jason Burby, Director of Web Analytics, ZAAZ
* Bryan Eisenberg, Chief Persuasion Officer, Future Now, Inc.
* Jerry Tarasofsky, President and Chief Executive Officer, iPerceptions
* Ron Belanger, Senior Director of Global Advertiser Strategy and Development, Yahoo! Search Marketing
* Joel Book, Director, eMarketing Strategy, Exact Target
* Rick Bruner, Research Director, DoubleClick Digital Advertising Solutions
* Dana Todd, President, SEMPO (and EVP, SiteLab International Inc.)
* Scott Howe, President, DRIVEpm
* Charles Buchwalter, Vice President, Industry Solutions, Nielsen//NetRatings
* Jon Gibs, Director, Media Analytics, Nielsen//NetRatings
* Michael Lanz, Vice President, Search Industry Solutions, Nielsen//NetRatings
* James Roche, Founder and President, Offermatica
* Young-Bean Song, Director of Analytics & Atlas Institute, Atlas
* Esco Strong, Analyst-Atlas Institute, Atlas
* Jed Fowler, Analyst-Atlas Institute, Atlas
* Dave Williams, Chief Strategist and Co-Founder, 360i
* Fionn Downhill, Chief Executive Officer and President, Elixir Systems
* Patricia Hursh, President and Founder, SmartSearch Marketing
* Barbara Coll, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, WebMama
* Giovanni Gallucci, Managing Partner, Kinetic Results
* Matt Van Wagner, Founder and President, Find Me Faster
* Mike Grehan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SmartInteractive Ltd.
* Jed Nahum, Director of Product Management, adCenter
* David Daniels, Research Director, JupiterResearch
* David Schatsky, Senior Vice President, JupiterResearch
* Stephen DiMarco, Vice President of Marketing and Client Services, Compete, Inc.
* Scott Ernst, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Compete, Inc.
* Ari Kaufman, Vice President of Sales, TruEffect
* Scott Nelson, Founder and Chief Operating Officer, TruEffect
* Brad Bender, Head of Optimization, DoubleClick Digital Advertising Solutions
* Steven Golus, Director Strategic Services, DoubleClick Digital Advertising Solutions
* Larry Freed, President and Chief Executive Officer, ForeSee Results
* Lee Pavach, Director of Marketing, ForeSee Results
* Eric Head, ForeSee Results
* Matthew Roche, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Offermatica
* Sunil Gupta, Ph.D., Senior Consultant, David Shepard Associates
* Howard Kaplan, Senior Conversion Specialist, Future Now, Inc.
* Melissa Burdon, Conversion Analyst, Future Now, Inc.
* Jerry Needel, Vice President of Client Services, BuzzMetrics
* Max Kalehoff, Vice President of Marketing, BuzzMetrics
* Jonathan Carson, President and Chief Executive Officer, BuzzMetrics
* Brett Hurt, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bazaarvoice
* Sam Decker, Vice President of Marketing and Products, Bazaarvoice
* Brant Barton, Co-founder and Vice President of Client Services, Bazaarvoice
* Shane Atchison, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, ZAAZ
* Howard Firestone, Vice President, Marketing, iPerceptions
* Daniel Taras, Vice President, Business Development, iPerceptions
* Karen Breen Vogel, President and Chief Executive Officer, ClearGauge
* Tim Barngrover, Senior Vice President, Client Relations/Business Development, ClearGauge
* Chris Whalen, Vice President Client Solutions/Chief Architect, ClearGauge
Of course these folks aren’t all doing individual presentations – we’d be there for a week! Expect panels and vendor presentations presented in three parallel tracks – Online Advertising Analytics and Optimization, Web Site Design and Optimization, Analyzing Your Marketing ROI.
You can get all the details and register “on the ad:tech Impact site”: