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Month: January 2006

Being A Good Marketer In A Post-Cluetrain World

Tara Hunt
One Degree Contributor and “Riya’s”: chief instigator Tara Hunt has written a great post on “Marketing in the post-Cluetrain era”: If you are at all struggling with what this whole “markets are conversations”: thing really looks like in action you should read this.

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Election 2006 and Social Media – The Liberals

Be sure to check out all five articles in this series:

Finally we review the Liberal Party of Canada and its use of social media. As the current party in power but with a minority government (and a scandalized one at that), they have a unique challenge in getting their message out to a jaded and weary Canadian public. Will they take advantage of social media to ensure that their support is shored-up and ready for the election? Or will they see their ruling party status as sufficient and ignore the power of the digital conversation?

Ndpiconzoomlj OK, before we even get to the Liberals, hot off the press, the NDP has blog badges and MSN icons! These were not there a couple of days ago. And then my NDP article was published. Who says one vote, one voice in the wilderness, doesn’t make a difference? Right, on to the Liberals …

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