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Month: February 2006

5 Questions For Adam Froman, Founder CNMAs

Adam Froman
Adam Froman founded “Delvinia Interactive”: in 1998 and has led its growth to become one of the leading digital agencies in Canada.
He has received several awards, including CANARIE’s prestigious “Application of Technology” I-Way Award for pioneering innovative uses of technology related to the development of Canada’s information highway.
Adam is the Founder and Executive Producer of the “Canadian New Media Awards”:, and is a member of the CMA and the Market Research Industry Association (MRIA), formerly the PMRS.

*One Degree: You are (obviously) a strong believer in the relevance of the CNMAs to the Canadian industry. Can you flesh out what you feel the CNMA adds to our industry?*
The intent of the awards is to recognize the work of the industry and the people within it at a national level. My vision has been to create an environment where the leaders of the industry (the approximately 50 finalists) from across the country can come together, share experiences, build relationships and celebrate our Canadian talent. We create a memorable experience for the finalists and eventual winners both leading up to the event, during the event and after the event. It has always been my desire to create an environment where we as Canadians working in new media can celebrate our capabilities together.
I am not aware of any other awards event in the Canadian new media industry that has the longevity nor the continued focus to achieve this vision as we have with the CNMA. According to a survey we just launched regarding the CNMA, over 70% of industry respondents felt that the CNMA is important to the industry.
*One Degree: The CNMA is sponsored by many levels of government. Do you feel that, in general, our leaders are more aware of the importance of the Internet and supporting a vibrant industry?*

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