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Two TorCamp Unevents Coming Soon

The momentum behind “TorCamp”: continues as *two unevents happen next week*.
On Monday February 20th, “Tucows”: will be hosting “TorCamp DemoCamp 3.0”:
Then on Saturday, February 25th, “Navantis”: will be the site of a new event format added to TorCamp by “Bryce Johnson”:, namely a “Design Slam” called (appropriately) “SlamCamp”:
*What is a Design Slam?*

Participants will be teamed and introduced to a fictitious company presenting a problem to “agencies” made up of these random problem solvers. These ingenious and innovative people will have a set block of time to design and pitch their idea to the company.
Following a presentation by the “company” about their specific project, teams will break off to come up with suggestions and solutions. They’ll then prepare suitable deliverables – whatever it takes to convince the company to choose their team as the future development partner.
Each team will present their solution and answer questions from the company.
Special note: No computers allowed. Why no computers? Because real design is done with your brains and your peers. (Or so the “SlamCamp wiki page says”:
This event is _not just for designers_ it is for anyone who wants to partcipate in problem solving. So if you want to meet others in the industry you’ll likely find people from all aspects of software and web development: ScrumMasters, Web 2.0 start-ups, marketing professionals, software lawyers, developers, and designers.
Whether you are looking to learn how other think about and pitch work, or feel the need to stretch your creative bounds, or just show off your own “unique social charms” when under pressure, I think this will be a must-attend event.