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Two Weeks With Gordon and Frank

Last week we did a “one week update”: on our little “”: experiment.
Here’s what we see after two weeks:
* 21,026 pages served (a bit less than half of One Degree traffic).
* 4,032 people clicked through to the real Bell site.
* 2,001 people got here by searching on phrases using Bell, Beavers, Frank, or Gordon.
* “Bell Beavers” is the most common search term. 683 people got to One Degree using that phrase!
* 89 people got here because of Norm MacDonald. They’re still angry about this.
* 46 people have taken the time to post “often gushing”: comments about the mascots.

Here are the top twenty “beaver-related” searches driving our traffic:
# bell beavers
# frank and gordon
# bell canada beavers
# frank and gordon beavers
# frankandgordon
# frank and gordon bell
# bell canada commercials
# bell beaver commercials
# gordon and frank
# frank and gordon commercials
# bell canada beaver commercials
# voices of frank and gordon
# bell frank and gordon
# frank & gordon
# “frank and gordon”
# bell beaver
# bell canada beaver
* bell commercials
Interestingly enough, traffic is _increasing_ over time, not dying down as I assumed it would.
Today’s lesson: You never know when you’ll blog something that has a *huge* impact on your traffic and the profile of your site. My quickie post about an ad I saw during the Super Bowl now accounts for half the entire one-year old site’s traffic – after only two weeks!


  1. Mitch Joel
    Mitch Joel February 21, 2006

    Any word from Cossette or Bell? Feedback? Thanks? Praise? Resentment?

  2. Mitch Joel
    Mitch Joel February 21, 2006

    Always interesting when “case studies” like this happen.
    I gave you some “link love” and Blogged about your exploits over here:
    Frank Talk About Bell Canada’s Frank And Gordon On One Degree –
    More traffic 🙂

  3. Ken Schafer
    Ken Schafer February 21, 2006

    No word from Cossette and Bell. They’ve got to be watching – I can’t imagine they aren’t.
    I’m not sure what I would do in this situation. Maybe keeping us talking and guessing makes a better story than if they reveal themselves.

  4. Rob @
    Rob @ February 22, 2006

    We can second your comments regarding traffic, the Bell beavers have done great things for our’s traffic – we’re right behind One Degree in the search results.

  5. Tom
    Tom February 27, 2006

    Humorous ads, Added some humor to the Olympics. Keep the program going

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