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Month: March 2006

Sorry RSS, E-mail Is Here To Stay

bq. “Video killed the radio star…”
That wasn’t only the first “video”: played on MTV, it’s also wrong.
It seems that throughout history whenever a new medium for communication arrives, the death knell for the previous is sounded. Movies meant the death of radio, TV meant the death of both radio and film, and the Internet meant the end of everything. Lately, the death knell has been sounding for email. *Email for personal communication is unlikely to be replaced.* How we read that email and on what kinds of devices: that is anyone’s guess. But business email is also unlikely to be completely replaced by technologies such as RSS(Real Simple Syndication).
h3. Ease of delivery
Email is a killer app. An overused term, but a good one, because email was and is a killer app. For the majority of the population, there may have been other factors, but you bought a computer to be able to email regularly. RSS is never going to be an individually personalized delivery vehicle, but will likely become a standard for delivering customizable content. The value of email is immediately obvious ; RSS is more of a sell job and is likely to become an embedded technology versus a driving technology. In other words, you will still have an email address in 2020. It may not be called an email address, and it may not look like the email addresses we have today, but there will still be a way to delivery personal virtual messages into a semi-permanent mailbox.


New Category – Bright Ideas

As you surf the web – does anyone “surf the web” anymore? – do you ever stop and say to yourself, “hey, that’s smart – why didn’t I think of that?”.
If so, why not drop us a quick note to let us know and we’ll tell the world.
Watch for posts tagged “Bright Ideas” here at One Degree as we help generate lots of collective a-ha moments.

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