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Hand-written Notes In A Digital World

I got a pleasant surprise in my mailbox the other day – a hand-written thank-you note from “fellow blogger”: and CMA course instructor Mitch Joel:
Note from Mitch

The note was short, essentially thanking me for help on a few things that I was happy to collaborate on. He’d already sent quick e-mail thank-yous but this added touch really jumped out at me.
By breaking free of “business as usual” he got my attention. It was even better that it was done by hand and that his script looks a bit like “hugh macleod’s gaping void style”:
My guess is that the more we move business and personal lives online the more “old-fashioned” modes of communication will become valued.
When was the last time you received or sent a hand-written note? What was the reaction? Bonus question: Do you _even have_ the physical addresses of those that you count as friends and colleagues so that you _could_ do this?


  1. Jeff Ginsberg
    Jeff Ginsberg March 8, 2006

    Hey Ken…
    Funny you should mention this.
    We just ordered cards for that exact reason.
    As for the physical mailing address, we have them all. You can’t have an accurate database without all the fields filled out, can you?

  2. Mike Kaselnak
    Mike Kaselnak April 17, 2007

    Hi Ken, You know the one piece of mail I always set aside to read thoroughly is the handwritten note. It cuts through all the clutter out there. I actually built a $1 million a year income as a financial planner and my marketing consisted of writing 240 handwritten notes a week. It took me 6 hours a week to do it. Lot’s of people thought I was crazy to do it..of course they weren’t making nearly the money I was either. In this fast paced, over marketed to world..the handwritten note has real weight to it.

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