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A Guide to CSS Support in Email

The folks at “Campaign Monitor”: have done a great service to anyone who’s ever needed to style HTML e-mail.
I’ll let them tell you the problem they’ve helped you solve:
bq.. If Internet Explorer is the schoolyard bully making our web design lives a little harder, then Hotmail, Lotus Notes and Eudora are serial killers making our email design lives hell. Yes, it’s really that bad.
Inspired by the fantastic work of Xavier Frenette, we decided to put each of the popular email environments to the test and finalize once and for all what CSS is and isn’t supported out there.
We’ll dig straight into our recommendations based on what we found, followed by the results themselves with a few more details about our findings.
p. Their “Guide to CSS Support in Email”: is highly recommended, as is Campaign Monitor’s e-mail marketing solution.