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No Syndicate Canada This Year

We just got word from the organizers of “Syndicate Canada”: (originally mentioned “in this One Degree article”: that they will not be holding the event this year despite a significant amount of planning that has already gone into it.
The official statement is:
bq.. We’ve recently made a decision not to hold the Syndicate Canada Conference at this point in time. This decision is based upon the realization that Syndicated technology is new and emerging into the commercial marketplace and many companies are still establishing themselves and are not quite ready to move forward in Canada. We will continue to monitor and assess the Canadian market to determine the best timing for an event.
p. Given the (I believe) overwhelmingly positive response to the “Mesh Conference”: and “BarCamp Toronto”: it’s hard not to read this as cold feet about the ability of the market to support three major events in such close proximity.
Too bad, I was looking forward to it.
_(Disclosure: I was asked by Jai Cole to be on the Advisory Board for this event and had given them my $0.02 worth the agenda for the conference. Note also that “Tucows”: (my day job) is sponsoring lunch on the first day of Mesh)._