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BarCamp Hits Ottawa This Weekend

BarCamp Ottawa
The organizers of “BarCamp Ottawa”: have done an outstanding job on organizing this “unevent”. A bunch of “BarCamp Toronto”: veterans are making the trip up the 401 to join in what looks like it could be one of the highlights of the years for the online community in the capitol.
I particularly like that they’ve set up a “Spread BarCamp Ottawa”: page a la “Spread Firefox”: (That’s where the banner above is from)
Well done! Sorry I won’t be able to make it (this time).

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  1. BillyWarhol
    BillyWarhol April 21, 2006

    I’ve been hearing a lot about these BarCamp events – mainly thru people like Tara on Flickr*
    is it like May Two Four weekend where people basically hit the Provincial Parks & drink BEER??
    i am envious of her & Factory Joe going to BarCamp Bangalore in India!!
    that would be a dream trip!!**********
    Hopefully i will get a chance to checkout BarCamp TO same time as MESH*
    i was at the Drake Hotel a coupla weeks age & that certainly is an awesome location*

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