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What's Interesting In Canada?

This evening at “DemoCamp 5”: I will be announcing a new feature here at One Degree called “Interesting”:
For too long Canadian companies – whether start-ups or established firms, boys in the basement or girls in the garage – have had very low visibility in the market.
Could you name ten interesting Internet ideas coming out of Canada right now if someone asked you to? I’m not sure _I_ could and I’m _supposed_ to be on top of all this stuff! At least that was the case before BarCamp (and its little brother DemoCamp) started doing an _amazing job_ of highlighting bright ideas. The industry is now coming together as it hasn’t in a long time.
With that in mind I wanted to figure out a way to help those DemoCampers take their message even further while also spotlighting interesting companies that don’t necessarily fit into the DemoCamp format.
To that end _”Interesting”_ will be a place for us to *showcase _Canadian_ companies and individuals doing particularly interesting things on and with the Internet.* Because One Degree is all about marketing we’ll give special preference to ideas with commercial value and/or a real business model in place, but we want to tell you about anything that might stimulate your thinking about how to the Internet is changing your business and culture in general.
If you have suggestions of “Interesting” companies, just “contact me”: with details and we’ll add them to the list of companies we’ll be considering for Interesting.
(And yes, we’re serious about these being interesting _Canadian_ ideas – “Techcrunch”: has the Valley covered pretty well already!)