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Month: May 2006

The Art of Domain Name War

I got into an interesting debate with a colleague the other day regarding the acquisition of a domain name for one of their clients, a large corporation.

During the course of planning a major integrated ad campaign, the team at my colleague’s agency realized they would need to create a mini Website to support the campaign. Not surprisingly, said mini Website would need its own unique domain name.

It was then discovered that the desired domain name, let’s call it, had already been registered by a third party. (Note: I actually own, but it’s mentioned here just as an example.)

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Have you heard about yet? If not you really need to visit the site now.

I’d love to get some feedback from you my ever-faithful One Degree reader – yes I know who you are. My gut says this is one of the most effective microsites ever, but I’d love to here pros and cons on the site and the overall marketing strategy at play here.


MobileMonday Toronto's First Meeting

MobileMonday Toronto – an open community of GTA(Greater Toronto Area) mobile professionals promoting the mobile industry and fostering cooperation and networking – is having their first meeting on Monday June 5th.

This free evening event features Michael J. O’Farrell, Chair, dotMobi Advisory Group Steering Committee and the topic is “The Internet Made Mobile: Are You Ready For dotMobi?.”

Confirm your attendance or get more details at the MoMoTo website.

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