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It's Mom Week At One Degree

Mother’s Day is only a few days away (ahh!) and we’ve decided to talk a bit about our Moms. Our Moms and the Internet that is (this is One Degree after all).
I got the idea for this feature when “Kate Baggott”: of “”: contacted me about _my_ mom. She’d read my blog post from last year about “my Mother’s poem on using the Internet”: and was (justifiably I must say) impressed by her attitude.

Last week Kate published her column called “You’ve come a long way, mommy”: that included this ode to my mom:
bq.. Ilse Schafer, mother of Tucows marketing vice-president Ken Schafer, was determined to prove herself as an adaptable career woman. More than 20 years ago, Ilse delayed her retirement so that she could undergo training on the new computer system being installed at the University library where she worked.
“She wanted to show that she could do it and as soon as she’d finished training and could do it — she retired, triumphant,” Ken Schafer remembers.
Upon retirement though, technical innovations were the last thing on Ilse’s mind. Ken doubts that his mother even understood what he has done for a living for the past 12 years. Her former triumph was to return, though. Ilse conquered her fears of unknown technology when she realized it was the only way to remain connected to her children and 10 and 12 year-old grandchildren. For Christmas 2004 the Schafer family set Ilse up with a hand-me-down computer and high speed access. She’s been on-line several times a day ever since. Not bad for an 84 year-old.
p. So now my (now) 85 year-old mom is using Gmail, checking photos on Flickr and using Gtalk and MSN to chat we me and the kids.
(Wanna talk about your mom and the Net? Drop me a note if you’d like to do a full post or add your story to the comments below.)


  1. Gabriele Janes
    Gabriele Janes May 9, 2006

    Thanks for the heart-warming story about your Mom. My Mom passed away three years ago but today I read your comment and happily remembered my Mom’s determination to learn new things no matter how old she was.

  2. Ben Yoskovitz
    Ben Yoskovitz May 9, 2006

    Mom’s and email…what a combination!
    My Mom’s got no problem with email and recently she picked up on instant messaging (using AIM), which we use once in awhile to chat.
    My mother-in-law (who lives farther away) has gotten into using MSN Video Chat and more recently Skype, so that she can see her grandson running around the house. He’s still too young to sit at the computer and respond to her, but he does wave bye and say “gramma” to her.

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