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E-mail Confirmations Could Be A Gold Mine

Lately I have signed up for a few new email lists and even made some online purchases from companies I have not dealt with before. What never ceases to amaze me is how many of these companies (almost all in this case) drop the ball when it comes to their confirmation email.
I am surprised at how many of these confirmation messages arrive in my inbox – some right away (great) and some many hours, or days, later (bad) – and are just form text messages that everyone else gets.
*Wake up marketers, you are missing the boat!* There’s a potential gold mine waiting to be uncovered here.
When you have captured someone’s interest enough that they have taken the time to sign up for your communications or, better still, bought from you, reward them. Delight them. Exceed their expectations.

When sending a confirmation email make it customized with relevant information. Add an up-sell or cross-sell offer. Provide a discount on a future purchase, especially when the person just made their first online purchase from you. Just make sure you do something that will positively surprise this person. Stand out!
If you have any great examples of marketers properly mining for gold with their confirmation emails, please “let me know.”: I would be glad to highlight them in a future post.

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  1. Sulemaan Ahmed
    Sulemaan Ahmed May 15, 2006

    Having read your article it has made me evaluate our own post-purchase emails and how we can optimize them. Thanks Stefan.

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